24 Hours in Virginia Beach (and Norfolk!)…

This is how I felt while looking for vegan friendly restaurants to share with all of you!

So maybe I have been slacking slightly with posting, but it is all with good reason.  Seems like out of nowhere, my husband decided to use some more paid leave and along with it, we started going places again like before Raegan was born.  Since this was her first overnight trip out of the comforts of her crib, we were on edge on how she was going to react, hence why we decided to only spend one night at the beach.  Along with the stress of the baby, there was also a HUGE question as to where to go to find vegan friendly food.  For those of you who know me and my family, we L-O-V-E to eat our way through every town/city/destination/etc. but this time we were working on limited time and from what little I saw on the internet, limited resources 🙁  Overall, our end result was perfect and I like to think we used those 24 hours to our best advantage and I am happy to share with all of you my food voyage….
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