New Years Update Part 2…Shocking Your System with Brownies!!!

While trying to meet your New Year’s Resolution, the best thing to do is to have support.  Thanks to a new friend (shout out to Rhea of The “V” Word blog!), I was invited to her vegan weight loss support group Facebook page.  It’s been great to have conversations with those who have the same goal in mind and be able to pick at each other’s brains in the process.  One person in the group hit a weight loss plateau and was trying so hard to get back on track.  She did everything right and of course the first response is to be more strict/restrictive.  Then I remember what my husband (the Crossfit fanatic he is!) once said to me.  “In order to break the plateau, the first thing you gotta do is change things up and shock your system!”  It definitely sounds like words to live by.  So this post I am dedicating to just that…Shocking your system!!! Continue reading

New Years Update Part 1…Early Roadblocks!

If only the scale was an ATM that gave you cash based on the number that appeared 😉

I kind of feel like a person who moved into a new house…I now have my own domain name but yet everything is so different.  It will be a matter of time that I will get used to the new look, the new blogging program (WordPress), and definitely the updated business cards I have.  I gotta thank my husband Chuck for getting all of this off the ground so easily.  Without his know-how and his mad editing skills, I don’t think this site would look as nice and professional as it does now.  Eventually I will want to tweak things along the way (first on the list is a Vegan Resource page!) but like any person in a new house, the changes will be many until things feel just right.  Now onto my first week…. Continue reading

I’ve moved!!!

TheRealVeganHusband (aka Chuck) has helped me move from blogspot over to my own domain (yeah!) at  Those of you who have followed me on via email, Google, Blogger, etc. will have to subscribe again on my new page in order to still get updates.  I know doing this can be a pain in the ass so I apologize in advance for ANY inconvenience!!!

Thank you so much for all the support!

The Veganbowl!!!

If there was a contest of cheesy blog post titles, you bet I would win first place!  But before I start, I just recently noticed a rather large surge in followers, subscribers from all sources (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.) and I would be lying if I said it didn’t bring a few tears in my eyes.  Even though this is not a job that brings me a paycheck, but it is nice to know that I am doing what I love and other people are enjoying it in the process.  Not many blogs I have read even talk about the increase in their audience but I felt I needed to because it’s all of you who keep me going and inspire me to talk about more topics.  My dream is to one day be able to travel and talk to other people, especially families about making the transition into the vegan lifestyle.  So for all of this, I want to thank each and every one of you!

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Tending to Our Future Vegans Part 1: The Great Milk Debate!!!

Yes, vegan kids DO have more fun!!!

As promised, I wanted to share with all of you a few vegan parenting tips I have learned along the way.  I don’t consider myself to be a “granola” or “hippie” kind of mom.  I like to call my style of raising a vegan child to be “realistic”.  I long ago accepted the fact that I can’t do it all, but I know I can make veganism work for her the same way it has worked for me.  I just need to keep things simple but also make it fun for the both of us.  Before I start on this blog post, maybe I should post some legal mumbo-jumbo and tell you all that I am not a licensed pediatrician.  In fact, I never held a license in nutrition…But one thing I do as a vegan mom is that I talk to other vegan moms and I also talk to Raegan’s pediatrician before I think about doing anything.  Luckily, Raegan’s doctor is pretty vegan savvy.  He’s not a vegan himself but I like to think he’s a well read guy who knows his stuff.  People often ask me about raising my daughter as a vegan and if you thought the usual vegan questions as an adult were stupid (Where do you get your protein/calcium, etc.), the ones regarding vegan children get even dumber… *sigh*
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