A Double Recipe Feature of Robin Robertson’s Vegan Mac & Cheese

Ever since I went vegan, I have collected vegan cookbooks. And in nearly every one of these cookbooks, there is an author’s tried and true mac n’ cheese recipe that will please your dairy loving friends and family. I will admit, many of them were more like pasta in a cream sauce than “cheese-like” but what I can swear by is that Robin Robertson has been one of my top favorite vegan cookbook authors since day one. I have always liked her play on spices and even textures to bring back a typically nonvegan dish and make it into something really, really, really special. Also, her recipes have NEVER failed me so there is also that important benefit of purchasing her cookbooks too! With that being said, Robin Robertson has done something that I would file under “Why hasn’t this been done before?” and she totally did it…AN ENTIRE COOKBOOK DEDICATED TO VEGAN MAC AND CHEESE!!! This isn’t just 50 ways to make the same dish…nope!!! Robin Robertson takes you on a global adventure as well, along with making your own instant mac n’ cheese that will have you leaving those overpriced vegan box mixes for good!!! But today, I am one of the stops on Robin Robertson’s Vegan Mac & Cheese blog tour and I am giving my readers what I call a “Double Feature” and posting two recipes from this newly released cookbook. If you make any of the recipes, please let me know…I’d love to hear what you think about it!

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As Real As This Blog Gets…

“That moment when you are stunned by the monster and you have to hit the buttons to set you free..”. (How fitting!)

There are a lot of things we have all been told that you shouldn’t do when you are upset…blogging may be one of them and today I am here to break that rule.  Those who have followed my blog know I am not one to call people out, nor am I one who is quick to reply to the ever so common “I’m not vegan anymore” posts.  Lucky for you, this isn’t a reply to a former vegan.  This is a response to a couple of guys who I once admired greatly, who once prided themselves on spreading the vegan message in “Smalltown, USA” and who at one point actively avoided living in major cities to write a book that was going to reach the masses and prepare all of us for “Vegan World Domination”.   Continue reading

New Recipe…Citrusy Pepper Chili From Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking by Celine Steen

The title says it all but yet there is sooo much more in these pages!

When I was asked to review this cookbook, I had no idea who Celine Steen was so naturally I was pretty curious about her and checked out her blog, cutely named Have Cake Will Travel.  All I gotta say is WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!  Seriously…if you want to see vegan food-porn, go to that page!  Don’t worry, I won’t be offended whatsoever if you stop right here to check it out 😉  And when you look at her intro page, she has been in the vegan cookbook scene for a while but this is her first solo cookbook and let me tell ya, I am beyond excited to share the recipe I am about to share with all of you!!!   Continue reading

A Taste of NYC Vegan (…and of course a giveaway!)

So much food porn on this cover…I do not know where to start!!!

Where do I start???  I first wanted to open up this post by talking in great detail about how last year my dear friend Zoe and I left for an extended weekend to New York City and despite all the vegan eating that took place, we met soooooo many amazing people in the NYC vegan community, including Michael Suchman who is one half of the power couple that is Vegan Mos (Sadly, Ethan Ciment was out of town…).  However, talking about that trip would take eternity and you would get bored before you ever got to the recipe and the giveaway…hahaha!

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