Life After Baby…

My husband was the one who actually wanted this...My gag reflex doesn't!

My husband was the one who actually wanted this…My gag reflex doesn’t!

Even after you have your first kid, you think you have everything you need for the next kid…especially if your child is the same gender.  Well, as you can tell by this photo, my family was still on a quest for the most BIZARRE things to add to our must have list.  Rest assured, I am not reviewing this god awful device (many moms and even my husband swear by it!), but instead I wanted to show this photo to talk about the things in my life that I can do without…And my post baby bod is one of them (this snot sucker comes a close second!). Continue reading

A Lot Has Happened….And More to Come!!!

It has been FOREVER since I posted as it has been crazy in our household.  And since I hate it when people leave me hanging, I will come out right now and give you a good reason why…

Welcome Camille!!!

Welcome to the world, Camille!!!

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The Year of The Vegg…

Their version of a sample was the FULL size…How awesome is that!

Looking back, this Summer has given me such a HUGE excuse to be lazy…But I have been dabbling with nabbing free vegan samples of items I have yet to try and when the nice folks at The Vegg offered on Facebook to give out free samples to bloggers in order to review their innovative product, I took no time to tell them who I was and within a week I got my sample in the mail.  To say I was excited to try this heavily buzzed about product was definitely an understatement… Continue reading


So I figured I would start off by showing you my puppy dog face and by apologizing to all of you for the lack of posts lately.  These past couple months were CRAZY to say the least…from a mystery illness that hit everyone in the house (except Raegan), selling our old condo, to a car accident that might not have hurt me physically but it hurt me in the convenience department 🙁

During this whole time, I was lucky to have cooked my way through The Vegan Slowcooker cookbook and Peas and Thank You.  Both of these books have quickly become my new favorites and I can’t wait to share them with you!!!

As things are finally returning to normal, you should expect more posts within the next couple of days.  It finally feels good to be back on the radar!!!

New Years Update Part 2…Shocking Your System with Brownies!!!

While trying to meet your New Year’s Resolution, the best thing to do is to have support.  Thanks to a new friend (shout out to Rhea of The “V” Word blog!), I was invited to her vegan weight loss support group Facebook page.  It’s been great to have conversations with those who have the same goal in mind and be able to pick at each other’s brains in the process.  One person in the group hit a weight loss plateau and was trying so hard to get back on track.  She did everything right and of course the first response is to be more strict/restrictive.  Then I remember what my husband (the Crossfit fanatic he is!) once said to me.  “In order to break the plateau, the first thing you gotta do is change things up and shock your system!”  It definitely sounds like words to live by.  So this post I am dedicating to just that…Shocking your system!!! Continue reading