Important Updates on the Horizon…

I’ve been feeling pretty excited and inspired since I started this blog but as I was reading my past posts I was thinking “Damn, I am all over the place!”  But as this blog has been taking off, there’s been so much talk but the question most people are probably asking is “When are all these things going to happen?”  Well, good things take time and now I am excited to let you in on an organized version of all the exciting things you will see in this blog in the VERY near future…

I guess I am going to start my letting a HUGE cat out of the bag and let you know that I am pleased to announce that I have signed up for Vegan MoFo…also known as the Vegan Month of Food.  Basically this event starts in October for all vegan food bloggers out there to post like crazy about vegan food or anything vegan food related.  Although, I am not a chef nor am I trying to get out there to sell a cookbook in the future, but I do test a lot of recipes that these chefs and cookbook hopefuls put out there and I share my knowledge with my audience.  I also make adjustments for those wishing to lighten up a recipe or possibly have allergy/food intolerance concerns without the reader feeling pressured to buy anything that might wind up collecting dust on their shelves.  So in a sense, this event definitely spoke to me and hopefully in turn, I will gain a larger audience of people who have not yet heard of me or my blog.  This event is right around the corner so be prepared for a lot of great recipes and of course tons of great vegan photos!!!

Also, I should also add that I am one recipe away from reviewing Chef AJ’s book, “Unprocessed”.  I must say that I am beyond excited to share my thoughts on this book with all of you!  I don’t want to give too much away but I expect this book review to be in my next blog post as I am hoping to make her infamous “Disappearing Lasagna” either tonight or tomorrow.  I am just so honored to even know someone (ok, I know her via emails and Facebook!) as inspirational as Chef AJ and I feel her book is going to change lives.  If you want a sample of her works, please go to her YouTube Channel and watch “The Chef and The Dietician” (Her partner in crime is none other than The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Plant Based Nutrition author Julieanna Hever)…You’ll thank me later 😉

My next book review is going to make your holidays sooooo much sweeter because Wendy Vigdor-Hess’ book, Sweetness Without Sugar, will be mentioned frequently in future posts Starting in October.  While I was reading her book and playing with the numerous recipes, I had an idea out of the blue.  There are three holidays around the corner that are notorious for sweets and what a better way to highlight a book all about sweets than to show all of you the healthier options without giving up some of your favorite treats!  I personally thought this was a pretty genius idea 😉

Now onto a project that seems like an eternity in the process…My article in T.O.F.U. Magazine will be coming out VERY soon!!!  Most of the delay in getting the new issue out has been mainly because the release conflicted with a promotional tour and the fact that the magazine is in the process of moving locations (They will still be based out of Canada!).  But from what I have been told, the new issue is going to be their biggest ever so I am definitely as anxious as the rest of you.  Once the magazine is released, I will inform you the minute I know!!!

So this sums up my current set of updates but never fear…there are plenty of more things ahead for both me and my blog but I still need to work out the details.  What I am most happy about is the fact that everything seems to be falling into place and even after my shot to blogging fame after my Engine 2 Diet review, my blog still remains strong.  I have all of you to thank and hopefully soon I will be able to do another free giveaway as well so stick around!!!

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