Picking up the Pieces…

It would be easier to say I had writer’s block but that wasn’t completely the case…To not sidetrack too much, I’ll give you the short version.  What most of you may not know until now is that I had some personal events in my life that made me want to lay low for a while.  If there is one regret I have this year, it would be that I let this blog go unattended like I did…Recently I realized that this blog took off the way it did for a reason and it’s a good enough reason that I need to pick myself up and remember those I lost recently and make that the strength to keep everything afloat.  I’d like to thank my family (especially my husband and daughter), all of my friends (both near and far), my church family, and those random strangers who I inspire for helping me through what seems to have been a really rough patch in my life.  But as the saying goes, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and I have a lot of exciting things to share with all of you…

Their prettiest cover yet 😉

After MANY, MANY, MANY, months of waiting, the recent issue of T.O.F.U. Magazine is out as of this morning and my article is there!!!  Ryan Patey, the editor of T.O.F.U., had a crazy few months and I’m sure it was a major accomplishment to get this issue out before the end of the year!  I’m hoping this article expands my audience even further and maybe this will help me network myself a bit more into the vegan community so I may share with others that you can raise a normal vegan family and be able to survive in a non-vegan world and deal with non-vegan situations when they arise.  So on that note, I am going to break into a happy dance after I am finished typing this post 😉

OK, now on a more serious note…2012 is around the corner and I know all of us here are trying to eat healthier, lose weight, feel more positive, etc. and I am also jumping on the bandwagon.  I have been experimenting with all of the above and I have a lot of posts on the horizon along with a few awesome recipes and cooking tips.  Although you might have missed me these past couple of months…Soon you’ll see that what I have in store will be worth the wait 😉

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