New Years Update Part 1…Early Roadblocks!

If only the scale was an ATM that gave you cash based on the number that appeared 😉

I kind of feel like a person who moved into a new house…I now have my own domain name but yet everything is so different.  It will be a matter of time that I will get used to the new look, the new blogging program (WordPress), and definitely the updated business cards I have.  I gotta thank my husband Chuck for getting all of this off the ground so easily.  Without his know-how and his mad editing skills, I don’t think this site would look as nice and professional as it does now.  Eventually I will want to tweak things along the way (first on the list is a Vegan Resource page!) but like any person in a new house, the changes will be many until things feel just right.  Now onto my first week….So they say the first week is the hardest and trust me it really is.  I did VERY well until I hit an unnecessary roadblock on Wednesday while making food for my husband and I to eat during the Sugar Bowl.  Looking back, the first mistake was asking my husband what he wanted!  Of course he was going to request my faux vegan hot wings which are covered in white flour and fried, and that new vegan cheese dip that has Daiya as the main ingredient…He’s not trying to lose weight like I am and as much as he likes my healthy meals, he will jump at any chance for some good ol’ fashioned vegan junk food.  I’ll give myself credit for not gorging (like I’m known to do) but I’m not happy with the fact I even ate some of it 🙁  I’ve been giving my eating habits a makeover a few weeks before New Years and let me tell you…My body punishes me more than ever every time I eat anything that I shouldn’t be eating and Thursday was no exception!

Now when times like this arise and you feel like you strayed, the first tip is to get back on track ASAP and that’s EXACTLY what I did!!!  The next day I was more aware and I’m pretty sure that I ate better and healthier than ever did in my whole life!  I definitely overdosed on leafy greens like my life depended on it 😉 Needless to say, hopping back on the wagon was an immediate reaction to my stupidity and if there was anything good that came out of it, it was my football themed blog post.  I hope that post inspires someone to think twice about what they are planning to make and think of ways to make those old favorites healthier, but yet still flavorful and delicious.

It just comes to show you that we face temptations along the way and slip ups will happen.  Just when you think there is no hope in getting back on your new healthy eating path, let me share with you what happened to me this morning.  I got on the scale and lost more weight!!!  It was an additional 3 pounds from the 10 pounds I lost before I started my New Year’s Resolution!  Looking back, maybe if I didn’t have the junk food on Wednesday, I could have lost 5 pounds instead of 3 but I didn’t exactly go back to square one, which is what I feared.  Gaining the 10 pounds I lost prior would have been devastating to me.  But I hope my experience with the scale helps shed light on any setbacks you had this week.  So how has everyone’s New Year been???  Have you been on the right path to your goals???

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