A Lot Has Happened….And More to Come!!!

It has been FOREVER since I posted as it has been crazy in our household.  And since I hate it when people leave me hanging, I will come out right now and give you a good reason why…

Welcome Camille!!!

Welcome to the world, Camille!!!

Camille was born in early April a happy and healthy vegan.  The pregnancy was rough with feeling the usual sick and tired and there was the dreaded newborn phase where both Chuck and I were waking up every two hours to feed her.  Now I am in the groove again with day to day life and carving out time to blog.  It’s not easy blogging with two kids but with a little practice I am sure I will find my balance.
And before I go on…I’ll show you what Raegan has been up to :

Raegan has grown up quite a bit!

Raegan has grown up quite a bit!

And as most seasoned vegans know, even when life throws curveballs, we still manage to talk about veganism whether it be to the person checking out our groceries (yeah, you know someone questioned you at least once about buying all those cartons of tofu!) or someone you respect in the vegan community invited you to join them for an interview on their podcast.  Well the latter happened to me fairly recently.  I included it on my Facebook page but for those who are not part of my page, here is a link to the podcast.  I really want to thank Ed Coffin of Eating Consciously for the amazing opportunity!  He is actually a registered dietician who happens to be vegan so if you ever need one, please tell him I sent you 😉

And on to BIGGER NEWS!!!  If any of you are in Chicago on September 21st or if you need a good reason to be there on that day, well now you’re in luck…

Please click on the image for more info!

Please click on the image for more info! Oh and pardon my poor editing attempt 😉

I will be there on a Q&A panel regarding vegan parenting.  In fact, I will be there that whole weekend (yep, my flight is already booked!) so if anyone has any suggestions of what to do in the area, please let me know!!!  I am fortunate to be staying with my friend Kristin who has lived in Chicago for quite some time and like me, she is also a vegan housewife giving vegan families a good name 🙂  Along with my appearance there, Veganmania will have other great speakers, cooking demos, and of course tons of vegan food and merchandise to buy!!!  I really hope to see some of you there!

So here you have it, a nice rundown of where I have been and what to expect around the corner.  I will be blogging more about raising vegan kids and of course, everyone likes a good recipe so I will throw a few your way soon as well.  Man, it feels good to be back!!!

4 thoughts on “A Lot Has Happened….And More to Come!!!

  1. That's great news. I think the last time we spoke, Reagan looked similar to Camille. Glad to hear you're doing well Robin. How is Chuck?

  2. Chuck is doing great…Actually a lot has been going on! I had no idea you are back on Facebook! Let me shoot you a friend request and you'll see all things Fetter 😉 I'll be in Chicago next Saturday for Veganmania…That's my bigger news. Are you still in Cincinnati???

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